Learn 3 Insider Secrets on How To Stand Out at Your New Job After Graduating and Get to the Top of Your Organization Fast! 

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Stephen Krempl

Your Host & CEO  

Rachel Sheriff

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Who Will Benefit From This Webinar?

Students starting internships or
preparing for a job interview.

New employees who are just days, weeks, or months on the job.

Those looking for an edge due to the competitive landscape in  today's workplace.

Parents and grandparents who want to provide their kids with a competitive advantage.

Stephen Krempl, CEO Krempl Communications 
About The Speaker:
Stephen Krempl is CEO of Krempl Communications International. As an international trainer, speaker and author he has worked with thousands of leaders in over 30+ countries. 

His career spans 25 years’ working for Fortune 500 companies, Starbucks Coffee Company where he was Chief Learning Officer, YUM Brands Inc. VP of Yum University and Global Learning, PepsiCo Restaurants Internationa and Motorola. He is an expert on how leaders can stand out and get noticed in their corporations even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Stephen has also authored five books including his latest: You’re Hired - Now What Do You Do? The College Students Ultimate Playbook to learning the Rules and Winning in Any Organization 
His Global Executive Mindset(GEM) programs are offered through lectures, in-house and online programs that focus on developing high potential and future leaders especially minorities to get noticed in their organizations. He is now spreading this GEM message to universities, enabling students to understand what is expected of them and through an online curriculum called Winning in the Work World . For more information go to:

"By far the most empowering energetic training I have ever experienced. GEM training is the tool which will last a lifetime with the potential to be passed generation after generation. The secret ingredient to stand out anywhere and everywhere."

Peter C. Denver, US
“Little did I know that G.E.M. would change my perception of how to become successful and be a powerful force in the business world. It gave me a lot of tools to help me become a more confident, skillful, and insightful person. Stephen was an inspiring and entertaining presenter, I would definitely recommend this program to all college students."

Sheila J. Texas US